Monday, February 15, 2010

Coming up on Feb. 20th

Febraury 20th we will be talking to atheist and founder of, Matt Oxley on ParaTrinity Rado. This discussion is sure to be full of debates and "heavy" subjects. With this show in my mind and a few things we hope to discuss here is what I ask you.

Can an athiest beleive in ghosts? A ghost by definition (one of many) is The spirit of a dead person, especially one believed to appear in bodily likeness to living persons or to haunt former habitats ( My understanding is most atheists do not beleive in an afterlife. In order for this said spirit to remain and walk the earth after death there needs to be some sort of afterlife.

Can a person beleive they/have a spirit without beleiving in God? From a Catholic view the spirit was given to us as we were made in God's likeness - Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. This is what has given us/me a spirit; therefore without God, without religion is their a spirit?

Perhaps these questions have no REAL answer, and definately no right or wrong answer, but we want to hear your view or opinion. We will be delving deep into this with an atheist on Saturday, but this will give you some time to think about it and formulate your opinion and questions. Then come join us at and chat and ask your questions!

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