Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome to ParaTrinity Radio blog....a brief introduction

ParaTrinity Radio has been on the air now for about a month and a half. Every show delves into how paranormal and religion relate (or don't). Some may think this can be a very touchy, controversial subject, however, we feel it is something that needs to be said. It is something we all need to consider when going out into the field searching for those entities. If there is a God, which I fully believe there is, then what does that mean we communicate with every time we go out there? When you sit and think about this, it is really kind of terrifying, yet beautiful, to consider what we are communicating with in this field.

This blog is created in hopes to bring some of these matters to the forefront and help you better understand the dangers and miracles of this field. We are speaking from opinion and basing some facts on what we have learned on our radio show from talking to "professionals". We are not demonologists, priests, or self-proclaimed experts. We are just two Christians who find the paranormal fascinating. And much like in religion, we have a great deal of questions to find answers too in the paranormal. Is God who to find these answers through? Perhaps, but we are not writing this as a preach to God, a "Go now and worship" blog. This is something for informative, educational and entertainment only. We would like to hear your comments, views, opinions, and any other input you may have. If you don't want to post publicly on this forum email us at

This blog is an open floor discussion/debate. We only ask two things: keep it clean for all ages (no cussing), and be respectful to anyone that posts. Disagreement is allowed, slandering and degrading is not. We will happily delete your post if we feel you are out of line.

ParaTrinity Radio is a live radio show airing every Saturday night at 11pm EST in Studio B of the network. Come over and listening and hear more abut these subjects. And enjoy this blog!

Mike (host of PTR)

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