Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shadow people

What is a shadow person or shadow figure in the paranormal field? An unexplained black mass seen floating or moving along a certain path? An out of body expeirence? A ghost and nothing more special than that? A demon? An alien?

In my research I have come across all of these explainations as to what a shadow figure is. I had always thought a shadow figure was nothing more than a ghost that was in a black form. Perhaps not enough energy to manifest the greater details that an apparition is known to have. Perhaps the stage between the beginning manifestation stages and the later full bodied apparition manisfestation stage. This latter theory was another one recently suggested to me.

During my research I began thinking of another possiblity. Perhaps it is the imprint of an energy stock in this field known as Earth. Perhaps, much like a residual haunting, where a noise is repeated at the same time, in the same place, doing the same thing. Perhaps these shadow figures are remnants of someone's energy left on the Earth. Without spirit, without soul it is nothing more than a burned image on a computer screen.

With all of that being said a question that pops in my head as a PTR host would be, would shadow figures exist without an afterlife. If it is the mere energy imprint then we would not need afterlife for this energy. Most definitions I show seemed to steer clear of saying it was a human spirit. As an inhuman spirit would that make it a demon? I tend to think not. From my expierence, demonic is rare, very rare and shadow figures are not rare at all. So the question remains....does a shadow figure have spirit? Is it a left spirit seeking to complete unfinished business?

PTR will be discussing shadow people on Saturday, Feb 27 at 11pm. We want to hear some of your opinions, thoughts, and views to help us better formulate questions. This can be your theory of what a shadow figure is, to what afterlife has to do with them being here. Then tune in and hear the answers from Thomas Durant!

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  1. As with anything else, especially in the paranormal field, I don't think there's only one cut-and-dried explanation for shadow people. There may be several different and yet true explanations. My thoughts have mostly revolved around an entity which is drawing energy from the surrounding area to try and manifest, yet not having enough to do so. Perhaps their energy drain causes the light in an area to be absorbed or bent, creating the shadow phenomenon. Some that I have seen have been just black mass, others a perfect figure of a person but just perfectly black with no visible features. Perhaps if they are just leftover energy (which I personally believe is what most ghosts really are), the amount of leftover energy determines whether it manifests as a shadow or a full apparition. Either way, I don't think there is an impact on the question of whether or not there is an afterlife. I personally believe there is , but I don't think ghosts are either a proof or disproof of it. I think they are a perfectly natural part of our world for which we have merely not discovered the explanation. Isn't that what we're all trying to determine?